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"This trip transformed me from an occasional weekend rider to an international cycling adventurer… and the only change was the location!"

"I never thought I would be bicycling in France!"

"The major decisions of the day were at which beautiful place to stop for our picnic lunch and which vineyard to stop for a wine tasting.… ahhhhhh."

"We rode when we wanted, stopped when we wanted – our only deadline was dinner at 8!"

If you are checking out this page, I'm guessing you are curious enough to find out if this type of adventure travel is right for you.  I hope the above comments have added to that curiosity.

If you think that bicycling in Europe is a romantic dream, it need not be a dream anymore.  We are “ordinary” people who have cycled from town to town in Burgundy’s beautiful and historic countryside.  Many of us worried about bicycling in a foreign country: Where will we stay?  Will we be comfortable with the group? Can we make it physically? Can we afford it?  Once the obstacles are removed, and they will be, this can be the adventure of a lifetime.

So are you the right kind of person for this kind of trip?  I had fun, recently, trying to figure who these trips are for. 

You will be in good company on this trip if:

  • You  don't own much in the way of bike clothing.

  • You  don't have a road bike, but if you do, it's at least 15 years old.

  • You have a sense of adventure, but “extreme” is not on your radar screen.

  • You toured many years ago and still remember the thrill.

  • You are 35 years old - and up

  • You are a single or a couple and you enjoy getting to know new people.

  • You are an empty nester looking to spread your wings.

  • You enjoy eating good food, drinking great wine and socializing as much as cycling.

What I will do for you:

  • I will make sure that you have "extra-ordinary" places to stay and eat, bikes suited to your needs and highlighted maps and routes.

  • I will put you together with people like yourself.  And I'll assist you in getting to know each other so that by the time you depart for France, you will not be traveling with strangers.

  • I will be available every step of the way - from helping with transportation arrangements  to answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

What you will do:

  • You will leave your daily world behind

  • You will embrace the excitement of every new experience

  • You will bask in the warmth of a new culture

  • You will trust and support your fellow riders

  • You will return a richer person                          


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