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Self guided tours are fun and exciting;  just like fully supported guided tours.  So what's the difference? 

Guided tours provide one or more bilingual guides, a van to help you along the way with anything from drinks and snacks to repairs and many other great amenities that all add to the cost of your tour.  By eliminating some of these services, you can save money while still experiencing the most exciting aspects of  a European cycling tour.

On your tours, you will have great bikes, so mechanical problems are unlikely, and there are few roads and they are well marked.  So you and your friends will experience the fun in finding your way and the flexibility to be totally spontaneous.

We offer three different variations.  Choose the one you like best.

Traditional Self Guided Tours

On traditional self guided tours, 1, 2 or more people decide that they would like to tour together. These trips are perfect for cycling clubs or groups of 4 or more who want to create their own adventure or even a couple who just want to explore at the own pace. I am are here to help you at every step. We can create customized trips to meet your unique requirement.

Group Self Guided Tours

This is a great option for people who like the self guided concept, but are concerned about cycling alone in a foreign country will be to much for them. 

On a group self guided tour, people get together to form a community where some people may speak a little French or Italian, other are comfortable changing flat tires, or  map get idea.   It's very much like the comfort of cycling with a cycling group or a few of your friends.  Only you are doing it in a grand new place. 

My Guided Tours

Once a year, I lead a Group Self Guided Tour.  And though I'm not a lot different from anyone else I would expect to see on one of our tours, you get the benefit of my experience.  From a philosophical point of view we are still a community of cyclists supporting each other on a Group Self Guided Tour

If you still think that fully supported guided tours are more to your liking or just want to compare, take a look at these links where I recommend some great  fully supported tour companies.


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